Russia declared a state of emergency after an anthrax outbreak caused its first death.

The outbreak occurred in the village of Druzhba, in the Altai region of Western Siberia. Local news reports the deceased man became infected after handling the carcass of a sick cow. An additional two confirmed and seven suspected cases are being treated in a hospital in the nearby city of Bilsk.

Thirty-two people who came in contact with the diseased animal, as well as the victim’s son, are under medical supervision, according to Gennady Onishchenko, Russia’s chief disease control official.

To stop the spread of the outbreak, the village has been quarantined. Roads leading to and from Druzhba are controlled by police-monitored checkpoints to prevent meat and dairy products from leaving the area. All vehicles are subject to inspection.

In addition, veterinary officials culled several infected cows and vaccinated the remaining hooved livestock in the village, including cattle, horses, and pigs. Healthcare workers will begin vaccinating people today, Monday August 27.

The regional Governor Daniil Bessarabov has assured the public that the anthrax outbreak is “under control and localized”.


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