Uganda Ministry of Health Updates World on Ebola via YouTube

The Ugandan Ministry of Health is releasing video updates on the Ebola outbreak via YouTube. In the update from August 7, the Health Service Commissioner, Dr. Anthony K. Mbyone confirms that the death count remains at 16. Within the last 24 hours, there is one new suspected case. Meanwhile, of the 398 people identified to have had contact with suspected Ebola cases, 294 are being closely monitored. Because Ebola can have an incubation period of up to 21 days, the 294 individuals will be monitored for 21 days to ensure that there is no infection.

In a separate report, the WHO Regional Office for Africa clarifies that of the 398 contact cases, 84 have already been observed for 21 days. The remaining cases are under “active follow up.” Further, the Regional Office states that there has been no expansion of the outbreak beyond Kibaale district.

Ten cases of Ebola have been confirmed through laboratory testing, and there are 46 samples waiting to be tested. Meanwhile, the Ebola Task Force will continue to collect samples.

Mbyone stated yesterday that the Ministry of Health is “One hundred percent confident that this outbreak is controlled and contained” and, further, it is “offering…full support to those affected in Kibaale district.”

Ugandan news outlets are reporting that 29 people from Kibaale district, previously thought to be infected, have received negative test results and are being released from the hospital. 

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