Brucellosis in humans and cattle in Bashkortostan, Russia

  In the region of Bashkortostan, in southern Russia, 248 cattle had to be put down because of an outbreak of brucellosis. In addition, there have been 7 confirmed human cases of infection. Examinations currently point to cattle imported from Kalmykia as the source of infection. In Kalmykia, 40% of cattle have been infected with brucellosis. The cause and type of infection is being investigated by oversight agencies. Analysis of blood taken from individuals in the infected area showed that 7 people have the infection, although they are in good health. Doctors continue to investigate the source and health of individuals exposed to infected animals. Brucellosis is primarily a cattle disease caused by the Brucellabacteria. Humans may become infected through eating contaminated meat/dairy, inhalation of the bacteria, or through a wound in the skin. Human to human transmission is very rare. Symptoms in humans include fever, abdominal pain and back pain. Also called “contagious abortion," Brucellosis can be a very costly disease to cattle producers in countries where vaccination programs are now in effect. В Альшеевском районе Башкирии из-за вспышки бруцеллеза уничтожена мясная ферма, численностью 248 голов. Инфицированы семь человек.   Заражен полностью мясной скот, завезенный из Калмыкии. В Калмыки 40% скота заражено данной инфекцией. Причина инфицирования и тип инфекции выясняются надзорными службами. Анализ крови, взятый у людей, показал, что семь человек инфицированы, хотя они чувствуют себя хорошо. При 40 градусах вирус погибает. Сейчас врачи продолжают проверять состояние здоровья людей, контактировавших с зараженными животными.  

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