TODAY: Order a Flu Shot Delivered to Your Door

You’ve heard it here before: the flu is serious, and the best way to prevent getting ill is the flu vaccine.

Today, we're teaming up with Uber to create a new way to get a ‎flu‬ vaccine– by bringing it right to your door. ‬‬

On Thursday, October 23 in Boston, DC, and NYC, the UberHEALTH option will be live in the app.

During this one day event (10am-3pm), users will be able to request through the Uber app and have a flu prevention pack delivered to their location.

In addition to the health pack, users will be offered a flu shot through our partner in this promotion, Passport Health. Each UberHEALTH request will include ONE health pack from us, and optional flu shots for up to 10 people (per request) administered by a member of Passport Health's team of registered nurses.

For every flu shot given, Uber will also be donating $5 to the American Red Cross to support vaccination efforts nationwide!

At HealthMap, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to better track and understand infectious disease and public health across the globe. Together with UberHEALTH, we’re working towards new and innovative methods to deliver important health and disease prevention tools.

We owe a special word of thanks to our partners Uber, Passport Health, and Pager for making mobile, on-demand flu shots a reality!

New to Uber? Sign up for an account at

Unable to get UberHEALTH? Use HealthMap Vaccine Finder to find your nearest vaccine provider, where you can also order an Uber to take you to your chosen pharmacy, clinic, or provider’s office!

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