Tuberculosis Outbreak in Paris Suburb

Shortly after the WHO press release concerning the rapid spread of multidrug resistant tuberculosis across Europe, tuberculosis testing in an impoverished suburb of Paris, France reveals 23 cases of active tuberculosis. Fourty latent (non-infective) cases were also detected. Both adults and children are among the infected and latent tuberculosis populations. 

The problem, according to French health officials, is one of poverty.  Apartments in the area are often subletted to large families, resulting in over crowding.  The mayor's office of Clichy-sous-Bois, the affected surburb, says that the area has not benefitted from any of the national renovation plans. 

This discovery led to the planning of a free screening campaign which will begin Sept. 28, and will target approximately 5000 individuals.  The screening will consist of a skin test and a chest x-ray.

To learn more about tuberculosis and drug resistant tuberculosis, please visit HealthMap's piece on the spread of MDR-TB in Europe. 

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