HealthMap screens Contagion and celebrates five years


The HealthMap team is very excited about its upcoming screening of Contagion, to be held at AMC Loews Boston Common Theatre this Friday, September 9.  After the film there will be a Q&A with public health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Skoll Global Threats Fund and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The film boasts an all-star cast (with actors such as Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet) and promises to grab audiences with its authentic and entirely plausible plot.  A deadly virus is followed as it sweeps across the globe, infecting people indiscriminately.  The realistic nature of the film is precisely what makes it simultaneously enthralling and terrifying.  

Contagion is a film from Warner Bros. Pictures, Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi.  TakePart, the digital division of Participant Media, creates social action campaigns to accompany film productions.  Visit TakePart's Contagion site to test your outbreak knowledge, to meet global disease trackers, to learn about current disease outbreaks and how to track them, and to find out how to protect yourself and your community from future outbreaks.  Films from Participant Media include: The Help, Charlie Wilson's War, The Crazies, Food, Inc., An Inconvenient Truth, Syriana, and Waiting for "Superman".

HealthMap is screening this film in celebration of its five year anniversary and the launch of its new website.  The project started with the idea of timely identification and dissemination of outbreak information using non traditional sources such as local and social media.  Today, HealthMap examines media in nine languages and is working to continue surveillance expansion.  

HealthMap thanks you for your support and is looking forward to the upcoming celebration!


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