HealthMap partners with Participant Media on Contagion

A fast moving, airborne, and lethal virus wreaks havoc world wide, killing its victims within days.  Are you ready? 

On September 9th, Contagion, a film from Warner Bros. Pictures, Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi, opens nationwide.  The movie follows scientists and everyday people struggling against a deadly virus as it tears across the globe.

Participant Media is an entertainment company that builds social action campaigns around movies, using media to mobilize individuals and communities.  HealthMap partnered with Participant Media, providing technical advice on disease transmission and tracking. 

Yesterday, TakePart (the digital division of Participant Media) released an information “hub”, stocked with outbreak related activities and resources.  The site allows visitors to test their knowledge, introduces them to the disease hunters that devote their lives to tracking deadly pathogens, shows current outbreaks and how to track them, and promotes protection through awareness and vaccination. There is even a Facebook application that simulates how a virus can spread through our hyper connected society.  

Check out the site here, and look for HealthMap under the “Pandemic Pulse” tab

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