Playboy Mansion Hit with Legionnaires’ Disease

On February 3, Hugh Hefner hosted a fundraiser for Jenny McCarthy's Generation Rescue Autism Foundation at the infamous Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills in California. Unfortunately, many of his guests became very sick within 24 to 48 hours after leaving the event with severe flu-like symptoms such as coughs, chills, fevers, and respiratory infections. Investigators discovered that these people were experiencing a mild form of Legionnaire’s Disease, Pontiac Fever. So far, 170 people have been reported with the disease. Pontiac Fever is a respiratory infection caused by the Legionnella bacteria, which is typically found in water-delivery systems such as shower heads, hot tubs and air conditioners. The Playboy Mansion spread may be linked to a fog machine. Symptoms usually persist for 8-10 days, but resolve themselves without any antibiotics. The Playboy Mansion is only one of various DOMAINfest Global Conference locations in Santa Monica under investigation for helping spread the disease.

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