Cholera Outbreak in the Aftermath of Pakistan Flooding

Pakistan is currently experiencing the worst flooding in 80 years. The latest sources estimate over 14 million people affected and 250,000 homes destroyed. The official death toll is up to 1,700 although estimates as high as 3,000 have been given. Unsanitary conditions and the absence of food and clean drinking water have caused the rampant spread of waterborne illnesses such as dysentery and cholera. It is estimated that already 100,000 people show symptoms of gastroenteritis while cholera has been confirmed in many regions, although official case counts have not been released. Acute respiratory illnesses are also on the rise and an increasing number of children are suffering from skin diseases and eye infections. Countries such as the US, China and the EU have already pledged millions of dollars in aid, but help in the form of money, food and medicine cannot come fast enough.

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