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Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever in Guinea
Sep 3, 2021 | Marinanicole Miller

Background Marburg virus is a zoonotic RNA virus from the same family as Ebola, the flavovirus family. This virus is a highly contagious infectious...

Updates on Marburg and Ebola
Dec 3, 2012 | Anna Tomasulo

On Nov. 28, Uganda’s Ministry of Health reported seven cases of Ebola (six confirmed, one probable), and four deaths. The current Ebola outbreak is...

Ebola Strikes Again in Uganda
Nov 14, 2012 | Anna Tomasulo

On Oct. 4, the WHO declared Uganda’s most recent Ebola outbreak over. Today, Uganda’s WHO country representative, Joaquim Saweka, reports two...

Sixth Marburg Death in Uganda
Oct 25, 2012 | Anna Tomasulo

This morning, Uganda’s New Vision reported a sixth suspected death in the Marburg outbreak. The Kabale District Director of Health Services, Dr....

Marburg Virus Strikes in Kabale District, Uganda
Oct 19, 2012 | Anna Tomasulo

Just a few weeks after Uganda was declared free of Ebola, a second hemorrhagic fever strikes. On Friday, Oct. 19, the Uganda Ministry of Health...

Ebola-like virus discovered in Spain
Oct 26, 2011 | Anna Tomasulo

A group of scientists have discovered a new virus that is related to some of the deadliest viruses to primates (including humans). The virus was...