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EpiCore RFIs: Measles Among Batek Tribe, Malaysia
Jun 20, 2019 | Emily Cohn

  An article came into the HealthMap system reporting that there had been 14 deaths of unknown origin among an isolated indigenous group in Kelantan...

Dengue Escalates in Southeast Asia
Jun 20, 2015 | Colleen Nguyen

Cases of dengue fever have increased in Southeast Asia over the last few months. Vietnam has reported more than 20,000 cases of dengue so far in 2015...

Fifth Dengue Serotype Discovered
Oct 25, 2013 | Anna Tomasulo

Mother Nature decided that four serotypes of the dengue virus was not enough, so she threw number five our way. Nikos Vasilakis, PhD of the...

H1N1 Outbreak Under Control in Malaysia
Jun 22, 2012 | Lauren Edmundson

  The Malaysian minister of health confirmed that last week’s outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) is now under control. The outbreak occurred at Kuala...