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EpiCore RFIs: Cholera in Ethiopia
Jul 5, 2019 | Lauren Goodwin

The HealthMap system was alerted to a media report of Cholera cases in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Public Health Institute confirmed 525 cases and 16...

Shedding Light on NTDs: Trachoma
Jul 27, 2018 | Lauren Goodwin

  Welcome back to “Shedding Light on NTDs”. This week, we will be discussing the leading infectious cause of preventable blindness, a neglected...

Shedding Light on NTDs: Guinea Worm Disease
Jul 12, 2018 | Lauren Goodwin

  Historically referred to as “little dragons”, this week’s NTD is Guinea worm disease. Guinea worm is caused by a parasitic worm that causes severe...

The End of Guinea Worm?
Jan 17, 2016 | Colleen Nguyen

Last week, The Carter Center announced that only 22 cases of Guinea Worm occurred in 2015 [1]. This signals a significant drop from the 146 cases of...

Acute Flaccid Paralysis in Ethiopia
Jan 25, 2012 | David Scales

On January 24, the United Nations refugee agency reported the detection of five cases of acute flaccid paralysis in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia. Three cases...

Drought Brings Famine and Disease to Horn of Africa
Aug 11, 2011 | Amy L. Sonricker Hansen

As the Horn of Africa – including Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, and Djibouti - faces its worst drought in over 50 years, thousands of Somali refugees...