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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment
Jan 4, 2021 | Jessica Wise

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease similar to COVID-19: both respiratory illnesses are spread from person-to-person via droplet transmission...

New Method to Diagnose Malaria
Dec 10, 2012 | Adham Abdel Mottalib

Thanks to a team of researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark, it is now possible to conduct a highly sensitive malaria diagnosis from a single...

Study Shows Malaria Is Over-diagnosed in Afghanistan
Aug 17, 2012 | Robyn Correll Carlyle

It seems logical to think that over diagnosing an illness would not bring too much harm – better safe than sorry, right? Wrong. A study, published...

New Test Detects Dengue Virus Faster
Jun 26, 2012 | David Bui

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new test to rapidly diagnose dengue infection in humans. The test, developed by the Centers for...