Transition from HealthMap v4.0 to v5.0

1. Do my saved searches from HealthMap 4.0 transfer over to HealthMap 5.0, or will I need to recreate them?

If you log on to healthmap.org with your username and password and click on the "saved searches" icon , you will see all of your previously saved searches.

Map/Geolocation Settings

1. How do I change my default location?

To change your default location, click on the "settings" icon . Type your full address in the text box under the words "change your default location", and click the "change" button.

2. How do I get to "World View"?

There are many ways to do this. You can:

  1. zoom out of your default location by using the slider to the left of the map
  2. click on the "saved searches" icon and choose the HealthMap pre-defined saved search "alerts from past week"
  3. click on the "search" icon and perform a search, choosing the "all locations" radio button

3. How do I change the default view of the map?

Click on the "saved searches" icon . If you are logged in to HealthMap, you will see all of your saved searches. You can drag these saved searches around, and whatever saved search is in the first position will be your default view of the map.


1. How do I perform a search filtered by disease or location?

Click on the "search" icon . You can filter by the following meta types: type of alert (outbreaks, warnings, international significance), diseases, locations, sources, species and/or date. Click "search" to get a refreshed view of the map based on your filter criteria.

2. How can I save a search?

If you are logged in to HealthMap and you perform a search, you will see a "save this search" indicator appear under the "saved searches" icon . If you click on the "saved searches" icon, you will see where you can specify a name and a description for the search. After selecting "save", the search will be added to your list of saved searches.

3. How can I change the name or edit the settings of a saved search?

Click on the "saved searches" icon . With your mouse, hover over the saved search you wish to edit, and you will see (if you are logged in to HealthMap) a pencil and a trash icon on all editable saved searches. If you click on the edit pencil, you can edit the saved search. If you click on the trash icon, you will delete the saved search from your saved searches menu.


1. How do I add alerts?

To add an alert, click on this icon . Complete the top part of the form if there is a URL of a news story about an outbreak that you can specify. All you need to do is submit the URL; HealthMap will do the rest - extracting the disease and location from the story with our automated system, and placing it in the correct location on the map. You will receive an email with a link to edit that information if necessary.

To add an outbreak report of something you personally know about that has no supporting URL, complete the bottom half of the form, and submit. Our team of public health professionals will review your submission and add it to the map after they have deemed the report credible.

2. How can I get more information about an alert, like seeing the original article?

You can get additional information about alerts by clicking on an alert title in the list view or in a marker on the map. In that alert summary window, you will not only find a short description of the alert, but also a link to the original article, and social networking options such as the ability to comment on the alert, or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

3. How do I rate or comment on an alert?

You can give the alert a significance rating by click on one of five stars with five being the most significant. These stars appear in the list view, as well as when you click through on an alert title to get more information about the alert. You can comment on an alert in this same alert summary window.

Interface Displays

1. How do I get to "List View"?

Click on the "list view" icon . This will display the alerts related to your recent search in a list view. You can sort the list on any of the field, search for words within any of the fields, or change the amount of items to view at once.

2. How do I see a temporal view of disease outbreaks?

Click on the "time series" icon . This will always show the last 12 months of HealthMap data. The lines represent the number of alerts collected for a given disease/country combination each month within the 12-month period. You can change your disease selection using the drop-down menu, and if you hover with your mouse over the lines you will see the country (to the right of the line) with which the data correspond. We are working to make this functionality more robust and interactive. If you have any thoughts on functionality you'd like to see in this regard, please comment on our feedback form.