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Anthrax, Ricin, or Smallpox: Which Are the Deadliest Bioterrorism Agents?
Apr 24, 2013 | Jason Hayes

In between the Boston Marathon bombings and the devastating explosion in West, Texas last week, Americans also heard about the interception of...

U.S. Stockpile of Costly Smallpox Drug Deemed Unnecessary by Experts
Mar 15, 2013 | Lauren Edmundson

The U.S. government received its first shipment of an order of 2 million doses of smallpox medication last week. The government is stockpiling the...

PLoS blog features HealthMap team’s article on "Failed vaccination campaigns" as global issue
Sep 12, 2011 | Anna Tomasulo

In July 2011 The Guardian (UK) explored the Central Intelligence Agency’s fake vaccine campaign, which rolled out in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in an...