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First Acute Rubella Case in Ireland in Over a Decade
Mar 3, 2020 | Autumn Gertz

On February 21, the initial report of an acute Rubella case in Ireland was released [1]. This is the first reported case of acute Rubella in Ireland...

Rubella in Taiwan: Second Case Confirmed
Apr 17, 2015 | Yuki Ara

On March 18th, a female flight attendant was confirmed to be infected with rubella in Taiwan [1].  Before she developed symptoms, she had a travel...

Just the Vax Please: Mumps in the Era of Vaccination
May 8, 2014 | Jane Huston

When we hear the word mumps, we picture a young boy wearing wool trousers and suspenders with comically swollen cheeks, left behind while his family...

Rubella Vaccine Campaign Ready to Launch in Rwanda
Mar 1, 2013 | Lauren Edmundson

Donors plan to launch a measles and rubella vaccine campaign in Rwanda after previous successes with the measles vaccine. This will be the first...