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EpiCore RFIs: Tuberculosis in a German School District
Aug 7, 2019 | Lauren Goodwin

The HealthMap system received a media report on August 2, 2019 that announced a tuberculosis outbreak in a German school district.  At the time of...

EpiCore RFIs: Anthrax in Kisumu, Kenya
Jul 19, 2019 | Lauren Goodwin

  The HealthMap system was alerted to a media report for suspected anthrax infections in Kisumu, Kenya. Two people were hospitalized after presenting...

EpiCore RFIs: Measles Among Batek Tribe, Malaysia
Jun 20, 2019 | Emily Cohn

  An article came into the HealthMap system reporting that there had been 14 deaths of unknown origin among an isolated indigenous group in Kelantan...

EpiCore RFIs: Mysterious Illness Found to be Influenza in Nepal
Sep 17, 2018 | Katherine Churchwell

  On 11 September 2018, HealthMap noted a news- media report of a mystery disease in Kanchanrup Municipality of Saptari in Nepal. The original report...